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The Sunday Update

Remaining focussed in a digital world is challenging. 

I am sure I have mentioned this before I tend not to look back at old posts. Perhaps I should so I am not going over old ground and boring even more than I already do...Actually, no...I love boring you all with old stories. HAHA.

I sat down this morning to continue on with some of my writing. I am still busy working my way through the Adventures of Captain Walsh Mackenzie. This one has been on the go for some time now...I think a sad reflection of how busy my life is at the moment; yet the joy of being a writer is that you can do it for your entire life and not have to worry about climbing up that promotional ladder. Walsh's original story started and then I deleted it, not in a fit of rage, but recognising that it had another more complex avenue to travel than the route I initially set out to write. In fact, as I reflect on the writing I have done so far, I realises that I have spent more time developing the other characters that Walsh himself as been a bit neglected. 

However, as I sit down to write I still find myself research various things on the old internet and allowing myself to go off on so many tangents. Remaining focused when there is so much information at your fingertips is really rather hard. It brings up an interesting thought that myself and others explored this week - are we hooked/addicted to our mobile devices...the mobile phone has become less of a handy wee tool to have in your pocket, to a more permanent fixture in your hand. Our online digital environment has become more real to us than the conversations and social interactions that we are gifted to have right before our eyes. (Sadly, I do recognise the fact that I am saying this on an online blog). So what am I actually saying? Ditch the phone? Well no...kind of like mine and I am a gadget man through and through. But I do think its important that we look up...engage with the real world...that way we might even manage to stay focused on one particular task---and I might actually manage to finish writing a book.

Happy reading my friends. 


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