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What on Eltheran?

So with a digital publication of the Star Fantasy, available now on Amazon Kindle and through their KDP select programme, I now have to give consideration to my next step with the Universe I have created and what will happen to the world of Eltheran - Not sure what I am talking about? Well this would be an opportunity for you to click on the LINK and find out a little bit more.

So added to the ever growing list of the things I want to write about. Although, Star Fantasy: The Voice of Darkness exists as a standalone novel - I have already given some thought to the next possible phase of the story and I strongly suspect this will become the focus of my next work once I have concluded the writing of Walsh Mackenzie.

The last few weeks I have been thinking about the angle of Self-Promotion. Not one of the easiest things to accomplish, especially when operating in a shoestring budget. I will trying any possible angle I can, and after the 90 days of the KDP select programme is up I will have the book available on as many different platforms as possible.

I have also submitted my short story LIFELESS to a science fiction magazine and so we shall see if any of that works to my advantage.

Its a short update - especially as my Netbook has just shown the "battery nearly empty sign" and I am too lazy to get up plug it in haha...

Happy reading my friends,


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