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The Art Work of Frank To

I like to try and dabble in art but it is nothing more than dabble. I have been fortunate enough to encounter artists who are the "REAL DEAL". I want to recommend the art work of one such person. Frank is friends with my wife's cousin and I am delighted to say I have befriended him on facebook and further more had a cracking day away with him to Liverpool for a stag do. Furthermore, he is just a nice guy!

Frank To's art work shows just what talent there actually is in Scotland and he is a real rising star in the art community. Go to his facebook page, hit the "like" button and be part of his world!

Frank To on FACEBOOK

Me in some interesting art.

Well maybe it's not that interesting but its a nice way to relax a bit on what is #SciFiSunday.

Happy Art Loving my friends.


More of Jafart - Benjamin Sisko

Another one of my exciting (NOT) artworks. This is of course Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: DS9.

Star Wars - The Return of Something Special

I have remained somewhat quiet in regards to Friday's release of the trailer that has set the internet a buzz. Let me first of all start off with my thoughts before I give an opinion in what is the usual for the Jafwords blog.
Okay I must be honest. JJ Abrams was never my first choice of director. There were several options that I would have liked to have seen. Joss Whedon would have been a good choice, yet on reflection that would never have happened as Disney would never have risked their Avengers films as I am sure Age of Ultron is likely to be Disney's highest grossing film from the Marvel Universe. My next choice was Guillermo Del Toro. Imagine a man with his his artistic and creative vision at the helm of it...well again probably would never have happened. Then there was my number one choice - Kevin Smith , a three hour film of characters just talking and nothing actually happening. I still reckon that Disney should just toss him $5 million and say - right okay Kevin, go away make a film in the universe and try not to swear too much...the film would be an incredible money spinner. You wouldn't even need driods - Jay and Silent Bob could fill those roles perfectly (I AM ACTUALLY SERIOUS - A KEVIN SMITH STAR WARS FILM WOULD MAKE MY LIFE COMPLETE!)
So as you can see JJ Abrams was not on my list. Don't get me wrong; the Star Trek films, as films, were good...but I am not a huge fan as I am a die hard original series enthusiast. However, give him credit where credit is due, he has saved the Star Trek name.
So move forward to the trailer.

Its something I have been wanting to see since the announcement that the saga would continue. The desert appears and then the head of John Boyega appears. I don't know exactly what part he is to play in this new trilogy, I don't need to know...because the instant his head appeared on screen, this young 22 year old actor just saved the future of Star Wars. In that few brief moments I was instantly hooked beyond all belief. I played the part of the doubting Thomas. I did not believe until I seen. Happy are those who believed who did not have to see.
My faith in Star Wars had been rattled a bit after the prequel trilogy. I don't want to get stuck into George Lucas - the man after all created the film franchise that has impacted me the most in my life but nevertheless, Episode 1,2 and 3 left me feeling a little blahhhhhhh. I kept praying each Episode would find an ingenious way of killing off Jar Jar ...perhaps the reason I was so anti J J as it was too close to Jar Jar for my comfort.
All I want to do now is have the trailer repeated constantly until it matches in length to Episode 1,2 and 3 and then I can erase the start from my mind. I was wrong to doubt JJ and as I have watched every actor added to the growing list participating I have not come across any I would be disappointed with.
I am left feeling angry though...angry as I now need to wait over a year to see the finished product. The trailer has left me with so many exciting questions and I can't wait to see the next one. Exciting times ahead!
If you haven't seen the trailer yet then find it...as far as I can see for Star Wars the future of the Galaxy far, far away is very bright indeed. May the force be with you!
Happy watching my friends,