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Over and Over again - and will I write this again tomorrow.

I have returned for some Sunday random thoughts before I set about doing other stuff for the day.
Last night my wife and I found ourselves in our usual Saturday night spot, our Cinema. Since I selected the last film it was her turn...which is never really a problem as we both have very similar tastes, and she does follow a set of rules laid down during our initial dating phase - basically I don't go to horror films and she doesn't go to science fiction films. Okay I have to admit it - I hate horror films. I have just never been overly keen on them. Anyways, I am going off on a tangent as usual. So the choice of film was to be made by her and to my surprise we she opted for "Edge of Tomorrow".
The film itself was based on the Japanese Military Science Fiction Novel - "All You Need is Kill". Now I have to admit I have not read this but absolutely delighted by the fact that Hollywood is adapting novels into films instead of jumping through their usual brand of remakes.
Okay the themes in this film are certainly similar to what we have seen before - think of Billy Murray learning to play the Piano in Groundhogs Day add in some aliens, machine guns and a massive Hollywood budget and you have what I saw last night. I might be sounding like I am taking a stab at this film but actually I was left impressed. Not only that but I jumped into the film in 3D and with the visual work done on the film it was certainly worth it. What has saddened me about the film is that it hasn't had the same media coverage as Godzilla. 
Although I really liked the most recent display of Godzilla, I have to say that Edge of Tomorrow was a far better film yet I think it is a film that has been put out there with little hope of making its money back. I hope that I am wrong on that one.  
I wonder if perhaps Tom Cruise and the Science Fiction genre are not seen as a major investment as they might have been in the past - I thought Cruise was excellent in this film and the script/story concept was brilliant.
There does appear to be some good SciFi films approaching. I am keeping the old fingers crossed that Transformers will improve upon its last cinematic release. We will also have Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Jupiter Ascending and of course Guardians of the Galaxy. Looks like summer at the cinema will take care of itself.
Anyways, happy reading my friends...I am off to do something a little more productive than share my random thoughts.