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Merry Christmas Everyone

Have an awesome time with friends and family.
Merry Christmas

The Art Work of Frank To

I like to try and dabble in art but it is nothing more than dabble. I have been fortunate enough to encounter artists who are the "REAL DEAL". I want to recommend the art work of one such person. Frank is friends with my wife's cousin and I am delighted to say I have befriended him on facebook and further more had a cracking day away with him to Liverpool for a stag do. Furthermore, he is just a nice guy!

Frank To's art work shows just what talent there actually is in Scotland and he is a real rising star in the art community. Go to his facebook page, hit the "like" button and be part of his world!

Frank To on FACEBOOK

Wise words for a Sunday night.

Sometime I come up with the thought provoking ideas... Other times I just talk rubbish...

Me in some interesting art.

Well maybe it's not that interesting but its a nice way to relax a bit on what is #SciFiSunday.

Happy Art Loving my friends.


More of Jafart - Benjamin Sisko

Another one of my exciting (NOT) artworks. This is of course Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek: DS9.

Star Wars - The Return of Something Special

I have remained somewhat quiet in regards to Friday's release of the trailer that has set the internet a buzz. Let me first of all start off with my thoughts before I give an opinion in what is the usual for the Jafwords blog.
Okay I must be honest. JJ Abrams was never my first choice of director. There were several options that I would have liked to have seen. Joss Whedon would have been a good choice, yet on reflection that would never have happened as Disney would never have risked their Avengers films as I am sure Age of Ultron is likely to be Disney's highest grossing film from the Marvel Universe. My next choice was Guillermo Del Toro. Imagine a man with his his artistic and creative vision at the helm of it...well again probably would never have happened. Then there was my number one choice - Kevin Smith , a three hour film of characters just talking and nothing actually happening. I still reckon that Disney should just toss him $5 million and say - right okay Kevin, go away make a film in the universe and try not to swear too much...the film would be an incredible money spinner. You wouldn't even need driods - Jay and Silent Bob could fill those roles perfectly (I AM ACTUALLY SERIOUS - A KEVIN SMITH STAR WARS FILM WOULD MAKE MY LIFE COMPLETE!)
So as you can see JJ Abrams was not on my list. Don't get me wrong; the Star Trek films, as films, were good...but I am not a huge fan as I am a die hard original series enthusiast. However, give him credit where credit is due, he has saved the Star Trek name.
So move forward to the trailer.

Its something I have been wanting to see since the announcement that the saga would continue. The desert appears and then the head of John Boyega appears. I don't know exactly what part he is to play in this new trilogy, I don't need to know...because the instant his head appeared on screen, this young 22 year old actor just saved the future of Star Wars. In that few brief moments I was instantly hooked beyond all belief. I played the part of the doubting Thomas. I did not believe until I seen. Happy are those who believed who did not have to see.
My faith in Star Wars had been rattled a bit after the prequel trilogy. I don't want to get stuck into George Lucas - the man after all created the film franchise that has impacted me the most in my life but nevertheless, Episode 1,2 and 3 left me feeling a little blahhhhhhh. I kept praying each Episode would find an ingenious way of killing off Jar Jar ...perhaps the reason I was so anti J J as it was too close to Jar Jar for my comfort.
All I want to do now is have the trailer repeated constantly until it matches in length to Episode 1,2 and 3 and then I can erase the start from my mind. I was wrong to doubt JJ and as I have watched every actor added to the growing list participating I have not come across any I would be disappointed with.
I am left feeling angry though...angry as I now need to wait over a year to see the finished product. The trailer has left me with so many exciting questions and I can't wait to see the next one. Exciting times ahead!
If you haven't seen the trailer yet then find it...as far as I can see for Star Wars the future of the Galaxy far, far away is very bright indeed. May the force be with you!
Happy watching my friends,