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A Big Movie, at a Fraction of the Size - "Ant-Man"

Opening night called me to the IMAX - because if you are going to see a movie with Macro size stars, you need to see it on the biggest screen possible. So you know I won't go into the detail of the movie. I just want to share my thoughts on liking it or not. Or to quote Glaswegian Scottish "Are or Naw".

Ant-Man has already received both positive and negative reviews and to be honest I fail to see what is negative about this movie. For a first instalment of what is sure to be a good number of Ant-Man movie (as well as tie-ins with other Marvel giants) we are presented here with a well written origin story which and been filmed incredibly well. From the onset when we get a digitized youthful Michael Douglas, the handling of the special effects for this alone prepared me for a what was going to be a great film.

Yeah I know I am a bit biased towards Sci-Fi/fantasy/superhero but I can only tell you if I liked it...and it was a resounding "Aye" for me. I wasn't a convert to this film until I saw it though. I mean - Paul Rudd, great comedic actor, loved him in all the roles he has done and then I heard he was coming to Marvel - Great here is the person who is going to ruin the line of good films to date and I WAS WRONG. In fact, after seeing Ant-Man Paul Rudd was the perfect choice. He balanced humour, sentiment and good old fashioned believable acting to create the second incarnation of Ant-Man. There wasn't a member of the cast I could fault in this one. Michael Douglas has even joined the Marvel Universe, only making me wish he has done so sooner.

I wasn't convinced Ant-Man was a superhero worthy of a big screen moment, I just didn't think it could work, but yet again I was wrong. It worked extremely well...I only wish Ant-Man had been about sooner so he could have got his creation stamp on Ultron (but let's not go there).

It's amazing where the special effects department have come from and just what they can do now. Ant-Man is another one of these films which just highlights the incredible skill and talent that does lie in our film industry at the moment and I want to take my hats off to the ladies and gents that work, sometimes unrecognised, in the back rooms of the large studios - you folks have made this film great as well. The transition from the big to small world in Ant-Man was perfect!

 If you have loved all the previous Marvel outings in the cinema, then Ant-Man will simply leaving you wanting more and with the upcoming Captain America film - Ant-Man is sure to pop up in that.
Marvel just seems to get it right at every turn here and hats off to all the people at Marvel and Disney - they are making some cracking films and long may it continue.

I really liked this film and for once I am giving it the full ***** rating

The Jafwords rating system.
***** (Awesome)
**** (Almost awesome but with some flaws)
*** (To be honest I could have been better)
** (Struggling to say good things)
* (Dear director give me my money back)

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