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The pleasant distraction

So when I try to sit down and write I find I am totally distracted. However, I couldn't have asked for a more happy way to be distracted. So my daughter is over 6 months old now. While I would love to get just a little more sleep, I couldn't imagine what life would be without her. 

I manage to use my phone, and an app, to continue to work on some scripts. I have completed the second part of my star trek fan fiction comic; so now working on the art work side of things through Pixton.com. I am still working through some scripts relating to short films. My main focus is one called the PG CafĂ©- which, I will tell you more about at another point. 

So, all I can say is, I am massively distracted at the moment but I will get back into my novel writing soon enough...after all I need write books so young Bethany can roll her eyes and say "Dad you are such a loser". Haha. 

Okay, so sorry about my brief updated. Happy readings and enjoy the picture of me and my daughter playing on the floor. 


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