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Springing into April

As I start to write this blog post its 23:56 on a Sunday night. Part of the reason for doing this update was the sad realisation that I have not added anything to this blog in over 3 months. (sort of defeats the purpose of a blog when you don't add anything to it). 

As far as writing goes I may give the impression of inactivity, but that is not really the case. I have been creating things but at a substantially slow pace. However, the exciting world of "jafwords" is not just about creative writing. Its about creativity in all forms. Over the last few months I have done some pretty cool things - one of which was overcoming my fear of public speaking. As a teacher I think people think its something that would come quite naturally to us, perhaps that is true for some of us. However, its something that I have always been very nervous about. However, the opportunity arose for me to talk to some important people about a science project I was involved with and I finally had to just go for it...and it went quite well. Don't worry I won't bore you with it, but it was a personal triumph for me. 

My next bit of development came in the form of increasing my knowledge of some IT thingamajigs. Basically, with the help of a friend, I built my first Desktop PC. Now for some of you I know that won't be a big deal, but I have always wanted to try and build my own PC and its something I accomplished. 

Okay, writing...what about writing? Well, I have been using an online bit of of software that helps format scripts for film and comics. Not sure if I am allowed to plug the name for it on here but it has been keeping me busy creating some ideas and working on scripts for a few ideas I have had. I am still editing the Outriders novel but all other novel writing is temporarily on hold until I get a second draft of Outriders finished.

I do hope one day I can come on here and say...wooo good news third novel is finished. Luckily I invested in some mind mapping software to start building up schemes for future works of fiction. I was having too many ideas and not logging them and then, thanks to my brain, I was forgetting them just as fast as I came up with them. 

I hope some of you lovely people reading this get a little inspired to write your own story. As much as I love being creative, I enjoying even more seeing others jump into this world. 

Happy reading folks, and I will try and not keep it so long between sharing some of my random thoughts. 
Be well,