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Lockdown, Writing & Lack of creative work

You only need to look at this website to see that I don't really update it much. I suppose like everyone else, when I have something to say, I tend to use twitter. Even then I tend not to use it that much as I don't think the inner thoughts of my mind are that interesting - you will still get the odd occasional post about Star Trek and something Marvel related. 

So, I thought it was time to give a little update on the website and other things creative. I've not abandoned the cause - I am still determined and dedicated to my creative pursuits. However, things have massively slowed down considerably...and I don't regret that as I am doing some other incredibly important things. First and foremost, I am being a dad. Hats off to my wife, she does all the major things....(and still tolerates me)...Keeping the kids entertained during lockdowns has its challenges but its all amazing times as I get to be home to see them far more - which is awesome. I don't talk much about on this version of myself as being a teacher - but that is my career and currently, during the pandemic demands a different form of working. After working at my home computer all during the day, I don't really want to jump back on at night once the kids are in bed to sit in front of a computer again. So, needless to say, the writing has suffered a bit - However, I still keep coming up with ideas and making extensive notes on potential projects.

What has happened then? - Well in December, I lost the my comic book outlet - Pixton. Pixton, although looked a bit childlike in its output, gave me a change to create images for the comics that I was writing. I never really write a comic script thinking about selling it, which is pretty much the same way I approach all my writing. I write for folk to read it and hopefully enjoy it. Bing comics, I want them to be read in the way they should be which is with comic book art of some form. However, I can't even draw a stick person. I have always relied upon digital artwork. I looked for other options, and found a way to reimage some of the comics I had already created...and make them look a bit more professional....kind of....I discovered FUSE and Adobe's Creative Cloud. I invested in a year to use FUSE 3D characters and Photoshop - and then - yeaup....Adobe decded that FUSE would not be continued. This was basically my stupidity as I didn't read up on the fact that FUSE was going to removed from the creative cloud...I had spent a good bit of time redoing a FanFiction comic of Star Trek. Seems it was time unwisely spent. So what I am trying to find now as a method of creating 3D characters that can be rigged and posed to allow me to still create comics the way I want to do. So I am still reading and trying to learn.

Book related - I completed a Star Trek Fan Fiction novel (which will never see the light of date as its Fan Fiction unless I find a place to put it up for folk to read...although not sure the rules on fan fiction). I use fan fiction as a way to  practice and improve my writing and instead of jumping in a universe of my own creation, I end up starting another Star Trek fan fiction story as I had an idea.

I tried to follow the NaNoWriMo back in November - However, I again found it hard to keep up just with all that was going on. It did give me the start of potential book using a random idea that just floated into my mind. So I ended up completing the first chapter then I spent the rest of the time making notes on characters, chapter outlines and plot ideas...so I might manage to finish this one.

I am going to get back to things, and although I can't promise myself that it will be a 2021 thing...I still still keep trying and creating as and when I can.

I will need to update this website...it needs freshened up. So that will be something that I will try to do.

Anyway - enough of my inner thoughts for the moment.

Happy writing folks