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Celebrating Friendship!

There are some days which you will look forward to in your life. Days which will bring you an immeasurable amount joy. That day has arrived for two very special people. I won't name drop others on my personal blog but I am sure if they were to read this post they would know it was them (since this is their wedding day) and I have been handed the honour of being the best man.

So this got me thinking about the importance of friendship in people's lives. I've known the groom for just short of twenty-five years and hand on heart I can say my life has been far richer with his friendship. The sad reality of life is that when you get older we all start to move off in different directions. My friend no longer lives close by, he hasn't for several years, but I am delighted that we can still get together, reminiscence over old times and have some new adventures.

Today he will start on a whole new adventure in life and I am delighted to be part of the group that will set him and his new wife on their new journey together. Its going to be a great day (although, I am a bit nervous about the best man speech).

So my message to you all is this - fill your life with incredible friends...they make your life rich and they will make you a better person. Enjoy all the moments together and treasure every minute you spend together.

To everyone getting married today, or celebrating their anniversary...congratulations and enjoy every minute of your special day!

Be well my friends, Happy Reading, Happy Weddings, Happy Best Man Speeches and Happy Everything!