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A new week and an update.

So, as I had mentioned, I had pulled the sale of my first book from the internet stores. Not because I was unhappy with it or went in a huff. I just thought I could do better with it after all those years, and I wanted to give it a bit of TLC. 
I've worked on the first couple of chapters, and thanks to my cousin John, it has had a read through and I think he seems happy with it. 
This isn't going to be a quick fix approach. We will definitely be looking at a 2023 release. But that is okay. I'd rather I was totally happy than it being rushed. I'm hoping this week I can get another few chapters done. 
On other news, I've still not seen the new Black Panther film, and now Matilda the musical is also released. I really need to get to the cinema. 
Happy reading folks...oh and this week, I am reading more Star Trek. Purgatory's Key, the third book in the Legacies series. This one is written by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore. 

Warpath - A Star Trek Fan Comic (#FanFiction)

So if you want a taste of some of my creative work, click on the image above. Warpath is my Star Trek Fan Fiction comic book. Part one is available for you to read now. (Keeping my fingers crossed that I am not breaking any copyright rules).- Click on the picture. 

I love Star Trek and it has been a huge source of inspiration to me. Along with writing novels, I have always wanted to write comic books as well. So, just with my other forms of writing, I wanted a way to practice. Please feel free and have a read and if you have any comments then why not send me a message or make a comment on the blog.  

The Texture Tank Revisited - Film

 Oh yeah, I also make films. 

Along with my efforts to create written stories, I also dabble in the world of filmmaking. In this video, you will see a documentary I have made for my cousin and his band, Eromnim3.

I have a real passion for filmmaking. I have the privilege of teaching a class in film production, and creating features like this is a way to continue developing my skills as a filmmaker, writer and editor. 

So, sit back, relax and become absorbed into the Texture Tank. 

Happy Watching, my friends.


Where had my book gone?

 I have gone for a rather bold and unusual move for someone trying to make a little success in the world of writing. Where has my book gone? 

To answer that, I need to give a little background. I've not really been writing much. I think that much has been clear. I've been somewhat inactive. It's probably better that I update you on what I have on the go.

So, I have completed a full novel-length Star Trek FanFiction book - now that is something that will never see the light of day unless I can find some fanfiction website to put it on. It needs to be massively edited, and I can't dedicate that time to something that won't get viewed. 

So, why write it? 

It was practice. I needed to practice and write something that I love...and I love Star Trek, so it made perfect sense...what doesn't make sense is that I started to write a second Star Trek Novel. So I have now shelved that for the time being. 

My second novel, Outriders has been finished for several years. But it also needs to be edited. I started that process, but I need to return to it again.

I have started a third novel with a working title called "The Adventures of Walsh Mackenzie". Again, this is another project that I have had to put on hold. 

On the comic book side of things, I have a Star Trek comic project called Warpath that I have been working on. I intend to write a 3 part story. Part 1 has been completed with the artwork finished (when I say artwork, it is my creation using modelling software and a manga programme to help bring it to life". The script for Part 2 is completed, and the artwork is underway. Part 3 will follow when I am happy with Part 2.

There are two other comic book stories that I have begun, with Part 1 for both stories completed. One is called "Renovonoids", and the second is called "Elysium Rising".

So, yet again, where is the book I had for sale?

After speaking with a friend, I came to the realisation of how much I loved the first novel I wrote. But I have grown and developed as a writer so much since that time, and I can improve the story. So, that is my intention. I have taken it down and started the process of an edit and re-write, using some of the things I have learned over the last 20 years. It will be my intention to republish the book in 2023 and follow it up with my second novel.

I have also spent some time reviewing my website and social media - rebranding my images and logos to try and create a more uniform and consistent look.

I will attempt to keep the blog a little bit up to date with my progress. (I have said that a lot in the past, but I will try).

In the meantime, happy reading, folks.


Lockdown, Writing & Lack of creative work

You only need to look at this website to see that I don't really update it much. I suppose like everyone else, when I have something to say, I tend to use twitter. Even then I tend not to use it that much as I don't think the inner thoughts of my mind are that interesting - you will still get the odd occasional post about Star Trek and something Marvel related. 

So, I thought it was time to give a little update on the website and other things creative. I've not abandoned the cause - I am still determined and dedicated to my creative pursuits. However, things have massively slowed down considerably...and I don't regret that as I am doing some other incredibly important things. First and foremost, I am being a dad. Hats off to my wife, she does all the major things....(and still tolerates me)...Keeping the kids entertained during lockdowns has its challenges but its all amazing times as I get to be home to see them far more - which is awesome. I don't talk much about on this version of myself as being a teacher - but that is my career and currently, during the pandemic demands a different form of working. After working at my home computer all during the day, I don't really want to jump back on at night once the kids are in bed to sit in front of a computer again. So, needless to say, the writing has suffered a bit - However, I still keep coming up with ideas and making extensive notes on potential projects.

What has happened then? - Well in December, I lost the my comic book outlet - Pixton. Pixton, although looked a bit childlike in its output, gave me a change to create images for the comics that I was writing. I never really write a comic script thinking about selling it, which is pretty much the same way I approach all my writing. I write for folk to read it and hopefully enjoy it. Bing comics, I want them to be read in the way they should be which is with comic book art of some form. However, I can't even draw a stick person. I have always relied upon digital artwork. I looked for other options, and found a way to reimage some of the comics I had already created...and make them look a bit more professional....kind of....I discovered FUSE and Adobe's Creative Cloud. I invested in a year to use FUSE 3D characters and Photoshop - and then - yeaup....Adobe decded that FUSE would not be continued. This was basically my stupidity as I didn't read up on the fact that FUSE was going to removed from the creative cloud...I had spent a good bit of time redoing a FanFiction comic of Star Trek. Seems it was time unwisely spent. So what I am trying to find now as a method of creating 3D characters that can be rigged and posed to allow me to still create comics the way I want to do. So I am still reading and trying to learn.

Book related - I completed a Star Trek Fan Fiction novel (which will never see the light of date as its Fan Fiction unless I find a place to put it up for folk to read...although not sure the rules on fan fiction). I use fan fiction as a way to  practice and improve my writing and instead of jumping in a universe of my own creation, I end up starting another Star Trek fan fiction story as I had an idea.

I tried to follow the NaNoWriMo back in November - However, I again found it hard to keep up just with all that was going on. It did give me the start of potential book using a random idea that just floated into my mind. So I ended up completing the first chapter then I spent the rest of the time making notes on characters, chapter outlines and plot ideas...so I might manage to finish this one.

I am going to get back to things, and although I can't promise myself that it will be a 2021 thing...I still still keep trying and creating as and when I can.

I will need to update this website...it needs freshened up. So that will be something that I will try to do.

Anyway - enough of my inner thoughts for the moment.

Happy writing folks


Loss of the hair but gained a son.

I end up focusing on putting things on twitter that I forget that I also have this website...and for the three people that actually visit it, once every five years, maybe I should add something. 

So it has been a busy 6+ months. Just before the summer holidays my wife and I were busy preparing for the arrival of our son; I was also in preparation mode for an interview. Studying had been done, had gone to Starbucks the day before to do some last minute cramming...and then I went to bed. Now the next part is slightly blurry, the day of the big interview arrived but instead of getting a good sleep my wife wakes me from my slumber (around 4am) with the news (4 weeks early) THE BABY IS COMING.

Okay so as most of you know, it's not one of those frantic motions like you see in the movies. We had to wake our daughter, and take her around to my mother's house and once that was all done, we were on our way to the hospital. 

So we waited for the examination. My wife has such a high tolerance for pain as a result of some medical stuff and as such wasn't really presenting as some in labour. Very sceptically, she was examined and then there was the "oh" moment. Baby was coming and he was coming now! Now we already knew that he was lying in the wrong position, and with him being ready to jump into the world in such a hurry, it wasn't possible to attempt to turn him. So, we were rushed to the operating theatre and before we knew it, we were welcoming our son into the world. Needless to say, I didn't do the interview that day, instead a gained something so much better. 

Happy reading folks,

The pleasant distraction

So when I try to sit down and write I find I am totally distracted. However, I couldn't have asked for a more happy way to be distracted. So my daughter is over 6 months old now. While I would love to get just a little more sleep, I couldn't imagine what life would be without her. 

I manage to use my phone, and an app, to continue to work on some scripts. I have completed the second part of my star trek fan fiction comic; so now working on the art work side of things through Pixton.com. I am still working through some scripts relating to short films. My main focus is one called the PG CafĂ©- which, I will tell you more about at another point. 

So, all I can say is, I am massively distracted at the moment but I will get back into my novel writing soon enough...after all I need write books so young Bethany can roll her eyes and say "Dad you are such a loser". Haha. 

Okay, so sorry about my brief updated. Happy readings and enjoy the picture of me and my daughter playing on the floor. 


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