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Big Hero 6 - a short review

Disney has had some total flops in the past. Although, most that get total panned by the critics, I end up liking.

Today's film came in the form of a take on Marvel's Big Hero 6. Okay, I have to admit I known zero about this particular comic but from the time I saw a trailer, it was added to my must watch list. The audiance is for kids aged 8 to 180 and I am one of those kids.

Was it brilliant? Well it wasn't ground breaking but it was still exceptionally good. From what I have read Disney animation developed some new software for the rendering if this film and it was done to great effect. Visually the animation is spot on and I was impressed with the entire feel if the film, although I did watch it in 3D and felt it was still a little flat...I would have though computer generation would properly capitalise on the potential of 3D but as yet I am still left unimpressed. 

The story had all I would have expected of a kids film- happiness, sadness and a moral story...the plot was a little too predictable but hey let's remember its a kids film and that makes it cool in my eyes. 

The writers have done a decent enough job here and not surprising as when you check out their last work, Big Hero 6 was not their first outing and they clearly knows what works. 

So Disney are now making films on their own from Marvel content without utilising their Marvel Studio. Well it was to be expected - why buy something and not use it. So its left me wondering what other lesser known comic will get the CGI treatment for the big screen. 

Who knows, but for just now why not head and see Big Hero 6. 

This film gets a **** rating.

Get out there and watch it!
Happy watching my friends,


The Jafwords rating system.
***** (Awesome)
**** (Almost awesome but with some flaws)
*** (To be honest it could have been better)
** (Struggling to say good things)
* (Dear director give me my money back)