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Star Trek Warpath Comic

My first attempt at comic using http://www.pixton.com

I have loved Star Trek for as long as I can remember and always wanted to created a story in the amazing universe created by Gene Roddenberry. So as a thank you to Gene and all the wonderful writers who made Star Trek so special to me over the years, here is my attempt to honour your work with my own wee fan fiction. Star Trek Warpath is a three part story with the first 22 pages forming part of one. 

A new crew in a new shop occupying an old familiar world. The story takes place around the Klingon border near Sherman's Planet and on Space Station K-7 (first seen in Star Trek: The Original Series). 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Look to the right hand side of this page and you will see the panel view for it. 

Happy reading,

Jafwords. 😆

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My Divergent Thought Process

So I am left thinking about the merits of undertaking certain writing projects. I find the best way to avoid writers block now is to simply move on to another project. I end up with about ten different things on the go at the one time. I am sure many of you would find that pointless or infuriating. However, its a method that works very well for me.

What concerns me is that many of the projects are things that can't possibly be published or printed. Let me give you an example of what l mean. Two of the projects are basically Star Trek fan fiction.

You see when I hit a snag in the creation of original work, I turn to something which I love. I love Star Trek. I have always been a Trekkie as long as I can remember. When I need the brain unstuck it acts like a form of lubrication for imagination. Stories start to flow again and eventually I return to my own worlds I have created.

So l return to my origin thought - what are the merits? 

Well I think there are positive aspects to my strategy. It keeps me writing and creating, and I know many people give up when they stumble at the roadblocks. However, I guess I also have to be realistic about the drawbacks. It does slow my output considerably. At this stage I am quite a bit off from returning to Novel writing that I can try and pitch to publishers.

For the time being l will keep working on my fan fiction. Just now its taking two different forms: -

First a Star Trek Novel featuring a new crew on an aged ship, set just after the events of  Star  Trek VII: The Undiscovered  Country. However, is not related to that story or that crew.
The second project is a Star Trek comic which I am making on pixton.com - writing the script and doing the best I can with the artwork.
The purpose for me is simple - I want to make comics along with my other pursuits. So I guess it does serve a purpose. I need to start somewhere.

So what do you think?

Feel fee to share your thoughts with me.

Happy reading my friends.


Endless Fun...

For Christmas, thanks to my mother (Mammies always know best), I received a subscription to Pixton. I have to say I am having endless amounts of fun.

Happy Reading my friends,