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To Malta and almost back again...

I've not added much to the blog recent. Apart from being insanely busy, I now also find myself at the end of my Vacation to Malta -the only complaint I have is that I am coming to the end of the trip and will soon take the flight back to Glasgow. For a small island, it has  much to see. In our week we haven't managed it all, only the highlights... But the Island has inspired me to return one day and see the bits we missed.

On a personal note, Malta was the location of my mum and dad's honeymoon and it was great to be able o be able to stand in some of the places they visited especially the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady, commonly known as the Rotunda of Mosta. This was the site of a miracle where a German Bomb crashed through the dome but did not explode. The 300 + who had gathered in the church were saved.

I also enjoyed visiting the Popeye village, the location where Robin Williams filmed his 1980 Popeye the Sailor Man film. As it turns out Robin Williams stayed around 500m down the road from where I am writing this blog entry. On the film/TV theme I've also stood on some sights where season 1 of Game of Thrones was filmed...I've included some photos here to show you what I mean.
So when l return home the plan will be simple- get out and about walking, some writing and enjoy what ever weather the good old Scottish climate will through at me.

So keep smiling my friends, be happy and excellent to each other.

Happy reading,


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