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48Hr Film Project - Cut and Print!

48 Hour Filmmaker: Glasgow 2012

My first experience of the 48 Hour Film Project came to an end tonight with the 48 hour film Challenge. Our Film "Old Souls Never Die" can be found by clicking on the following link...."The FOLLOWING LINK"

This really was a family run project for Rampant Film Production. My hat goes off to the following people for making it possible...
John P. Boyle - Actor,Producer, Writer, Investor and Script Editor (and my Cousin)
Cara Boyle -Actress (and my Cousin's daughter)
Amy Boyle - Actress (and my Cousin's other daughter)
Matthew Boyle - Voice Actor/Puppeteer (and my Cousin's son)
Maureen Boyle - Caterer/Fire Safety Supervisor (and my Cousin's wife)
Frank McDade - Cameraman/Soundscapes (and my Cousin's best-friend)
and finally me...
John A. Ferguson - Co-writer/Editor and Director

John Boyle and Frank McDade form the musical Duo Eromnim3. This project offered an opportunity for their music to reach a wider audience and anyone out there needing some music for their films and projects then these are the guys to see.

This year we were sadly 10 minutes late for the deadline...but the lessons from this experience will drive us towards to success in the future.

And finally a huge congratulations to "Coast" the 2012 Glasgow WINNER...a brilliant film and a link will appear as soon as I can find your film online!

Happy reading,