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The Summer of our Content

Sadly I am approaching the end of my summer holiday. Apart from a week spent down in London visiting family, the majority of this summer has been spent in and around Glasgow. In past years I would have equated this to 5 weeks of soaked misery (actually that's an exaggeration as I have no problems with rain- I am scottish after all). However, this year has been like being abroad but staying home; or to coin the phrase a 'Staycation'.

The temperatures have soared to an incredible 28 degrees Celsius (I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit- actual I do its 82.4 degrees but I am a science teacher after all I suppose I should know these things). Its been around 7 years since we have experienced a summer quite like this and I am loving every minute of it.

So although the blog has been somewhat empty, Jafwords has been a busy boy working through a number of projects. The first part of the summer saw me complete the script for the 1st issue of Sunblast, a comic which will run to either 4 or 6 issues. The script now rests in the hands of the comic artist who created the character and the difficult part now rests with him.

During my writing of the comic I was blessed with the idea of creating a comic character and story from the Roman God Orcus- the Punisher of broken oaths. The pre-production of the characters and worlds is well underway.

The 'novel' is by no means abandoned and still remains my preferred choice of writing. Through my blogs I have given sprinkles of ideas that have been battering around my head. The character Walsh Mackenzie, a special operative living in a steampunk universe of Victorian England still exists but very much in the early stage. Although I started to write the story, the style I was approaching led to failure. I still have the story to tell but will approach it in an alternative and more comfortable way.

I have also begun development of yet another character- basically an Cyborg, but the idea I was going to use him has drastically changed as a more thoughtful story sprung to mind...all in all...I got plenty to work on. Jafwords expands and expands.

Happy reading my friends,

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Star(t) Trekking

It has been ages since I have blogged – it’s never a good policy to ignore one’s fans or should I say the ONE fan! I thought I would bless my return to the sacred world of online blogging with simple review of J.J. Abram’s Star Trek Into Darkness.
I will try my best not to give any spoilers!!!
So it was Thursday the 9th of May...ticket was purchased last week and I have been looking forward to watching yet another Trek movie. Ok let’s get everything out in the open...I live and breathe Star Trek and I am not a fan of this alternative reality thing...there are far too many inconsistencies. The timeline did not change until The Romulan ship went back in time...so everything was running normally...well no it actually wasn’t. Kirk’s mother should never have been on the Kelvin in the first place...Kirk was born on March 22, 2233, in Riverside, Iowa. How then on the same day was he able to be born on a shuttle escaping Nero? (at this junction I am sure that some will step in and give some argument but fact is NO...couldn’t happen. ) However, let’s put my hatred aside talk about the Movie.
“INTO DARKNESS”. Its good. Good idea although full of some of the most predictable plot sequences I have ever seen. There is a good relationship between Kirk and Spock (Pine and Quinto) but it is nothing compared to Kirk and Spock of old. Those of you in the Trek world will see the parallels between Star Trek II and this film; the emotional sequence has NOTHING on original.
Although Benedict Cumberbatch gave a stellar performance as John Harrison, I am afraid I must seriously question Abram’s choice for the actually role he had to fulfil. Those of you into Trek folklore will get what I mean when you see it...
I do understand the route Abram’s has taken with the films. He has trying to set up a new fan base rather than rely in the old fans to make a success of the films. The writing team does try to pay homage to the older fans but in doing so I actually just find it even more frustrating.
Nevertheless, the magnitude that JJ Abrams does with his films does give some good potential for his venture into the “Glaxay Far, Far away....”
Out of 10 he gets a 7.6 ...I’d love to see him take the Characters from DS9 and embark on a film franchise with them. Now there would be a real challenge and would make great viewing.
Happy Reading (and viewing in this case)


Beware the Ides of March

I can't believe we have hit March already. February passed in a blink of an eye and now we stand in the third month of year. My last update filled you in on much of the detail of my fractured ribs. I'd like to say that February has passed with me accomplishing many things but most of my effort has been put into my return to work and catching up with everything that I have missed. In that respect it has been exceptionally busy.

My writing endeavours have not been great this past month. With so many other things to do it has fallen to the back of my mind. However, I was delighted to finish reading "Ice Captain's Daughter" by S.G. Rogers. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I do hope I make March a little more productive in my writing front. Plans are still in motion for the comic adaptation of Star Fantasy and although I have written very little. I have been further carving out detail of my third novel - The Adventures of Captain Walsh Mackenzie. Character and plot development continues. I am having to do a little research on the Victorian era. Although, the story will take place in a very disrupted and manipulated version of the Victorian era, I still want detail to make the surroundings believable for the reader.

I will try and make my next update soon but until then, happy reading my friends.



A Quiet January

Apart from the cartoon depicting my time over Christmas you may have guessed that my communication with the world has been rather limited of late.

First of all you can rest assured that I am quite well and alive. I did indeed break my ribs during the festive season and until now it had left me unable to work as a result of the amount of pain medication I was taking. Believe me, when they tell you it takes between 4-6 weeks for ribs to heal, they really do mean it.

I would love to tell you that I did it while a rescue mission to save children from a burning house, yet the truth is far more pathetic. I actually did it coughing (Twice in fact). The first time sitting at my desk, coughed and felt a bad pain in my side. I did what could only be described as a sexiest move and asked my female colleagues for pain medication. I have to say I was inundated with a supply of painkillers very easily. Sadly none of these had much effect but eventually did get to my own doctor who prescribed be something a little stronger. Unfortunately, while out with my wife on the Friday after Christmas Day, I had another severe coughing fit ended with what felt like someone stabbing my in the side. The end result was a night and day spent in the Hospital. After a chest X-Ray and CT scan sometime later it was indeed confirmed that I had fractured my ribs. Then they tell you: - Pain medication and Rest. (My Christmas Holidays very rarely end without drama).

Have to say I am still a bit tender but ready to return to the land of the living. I suppose being a writer I would normally love the time to completely focus on writing but being a bit housebound does prevent my creative juices from flowing freely.

I have really had to view January as being a reenergising month...which for the start of the year is probably the best thing really.

The plans to convert Star Fantasy into a comic is still ongoing. The work to convert the novel into a comic script is still a very challenging one but the process, although new to me, is still very enjoyable. Perhaps it will even open a possible new avenue for even more comic stories, but we shall see.
Before Christmas I had been working on some sci-fi short stories. It was a way to further develop my writing skill but I also hope that I will one day have a good collection of quality short stories that might even have the potential to go and find life in other forms. However, for the foreseeable future (don't like to plan to far ahead) I will be working on the comic book conversation and also my third novel set in a steampunk Victorian universe with centred around the adventurer Captain Walsh Mackenzie. The introduction to the novel has been created but I still have to plan out all the other finer details as well as the further list of characters.

I expect 2013 to be as busy as ever. Of course I do hope I manage to get some stories published but even if this is not to be my year on that front I will still be creative in the ways I know how to be. I am still having fun and that is important!

So welcome to Jafwords 2013

Happy Reading my Friends


Fractured Ribs

Here is a little story of what happened to me over the Christmas holidays- thought you would enjoy it as a laugh?

Ps...I am still in a lot of pain!

Happy reading my friends,

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Writer's Block

You might have guessed today that I am suffering from this- so decided on some light hearted comic strips.
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