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The Summer of our Content

Sadly I am approaching the end of my summer holiday. Apart from a week spent down in London visiting family, the majority of this summer has been spent in and around Glasgow. In past years I would have equated this to 5 weeks of soaked misery (actually that's an exaggeration as I have no problems with rain- I am scottish after all). However, this year has been like being abroad but staying home; or to coin the phrase a 'Staycation'.

The temperatures have soared to an incredible 28 degrees Celsius (I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit- actual I do its 82.4 degrees but I am a science teacher after all I suppose I should know these things). Its been around 7 years since we have experienced a summer quite like this and I am loving every minute of it.

So although the blog has been somewhat empty, Jafwords has been a busy boy working through a number of projects. The first part of the summer saw me complete the script for the 1st issue of Sunblast, a comic which will run to either 4 or 6 issues. The script now rests in the hands of the comic artist who created the character and the difficult part now rests with him.

During my writing of the comic I was blessed with the idea of creating a comic character and story from the Roman God Orcus- the Punisher of broken oaths. The pre-production of the characters and worlds is well underway.

The 'novel' is by no means abandoned and still remains my preferred choice of writing. Through my blogs I have given sprinkles of ideas that have been battering around my head. The character Walsh Mackenzie, a special operative living in a steampunk universe of Victorian England still exists but very much in the early stage. Although I started to write the story, the style I was approaching led to failure. I still have the story to tell but will approach it in an alternative and more comfortable way.

I have also begun development of yet another character- basically an Cyborg, but the idea I was going to use him has drastically changed as a more thoughtful story sprung to mind...all in all...I got plenty to work on. Jafwords expands and expands.

Happy reading my friends,

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