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What he, that guy, I mean me is up to!

30th of July 2013 - wow that was a long time ago. Fear not I am still here and still writing. Sadly, I allow myself to become distracted with various side projects but fortunately I keep returning to my writing.

My creative detours make me, I hope, a more creative story teller and so I hope the distractions prove useful in my hopes and dreams.

I am still plodding my way through book number three. The working title is still Walsh Mackenzie, the name of my sort of messed up hero.

Book number one "Star Fantasy: The Voice of Darkness" still remains out there trying to get an agent and representation to find a way to inject life into it for others to read. Book two "Outriders" is still very much a first draft. I really do need to give that a proper going over to make it ready for submissions. Along the way I have also written a few short stories - I have currently submitted one to Tor.com for consideration for publication. We can only hope and keep the fingers crossed.

I am aware though that some more time needs to be spend completing draft one of Novel three. This will be my focus for next few months. Wish me luck and happy reading my friends.