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Up a hill and down a mountain

Today I climbed up a hill and walked down a mountain. Well, at least that is what my legs felt it was like. My verdict is simple...I am incredibly unfit. Today I wondered up Tinto Hill, 707 meters high apparently and the highest hill in Lanarkshire . There is also an interesting past relating to a druid cairn at the top. During the summer solstice there is alignment between the cairn on Tinto and a smaller cairn on Walston Hill a few miles to the north of Biggar.

The view was amazing and quite inspirational. Residents of Scotland are truly blessed to have access to such surroundings and scenery. 

The good thing toy get when walking is a chance for the mind to have that inner dialogue and craft some stories. I suppose I need to be grateful that my mind keeps coming up with ideas... Just wish I was fast enough to write them all down.

Anyway the point of the walk was a sponsorship for St. Andrews Hospice. 

There would be few places and things I would use this website to promote but this place is the exception. Anyone local to me well know the good work the hospice does. For those of your futher away. Please go and have a look.

Happy reading (and walking my friends).


In the cinema ... so just a few words

Hello my friends. Time to break the silence once again and speak some words of wisdom... our just randomly, non-coherent sentences. I'm currently sitting in the cinema awaiting Godzilla to start. I remain ever hopeful that his outing this time will be somewhat better than his last. 

Writing wise things are slow. However, the summer holidays approach and I have few scripts that will get finished. So I shall be happy with that. 

I will write some more in the next week or so but for just now. It's Godzilla!!!!!!!!!

Happy reading my friends, 


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