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Genealogy - Learning about my family

I have spent the last few weeks researching my family tree. There are various reasons why I had taken an interest in my roots but it all came down to the simple reason that I wanted to know more about where I came from. Through the joys of various websites I managed to encounter relatives living in Australia and was able to add detail which they had discovered. However, we had reached a problem when it came to my Great Grandfather Duncan Joseph Ferguson.

Tonight, I solved the mystery (or the lack of mystery it seemed). What follows is the short story I have generated on the family tree to add to Duncan's permanent record for other members of the family.

Until the 21st September 2014 it was thought that Duncan Joseph Ferguson had abandoned his family and the location of his death and burial were unknown.
The mystery continued until Duncan's granddaughter, Ann Marie Boyle (née Ferguson), recounted the story remembering that Duncan actually died in the family home located in the South Side of Glasgow in the area of Govanhill.

With this information Duncan's great grandson and his wife were able to locate the records of his birth and finally solve the mystery. After some research it was discovered that Duncan was born on 3rd of May 1887. His birth was registered in the District of Plantation in Glasgow. Despite being known as Duncan Joseph Ferguson, Duncan is in fact registered as Duncan Turner Fergus Ferguson. (The name Turner was at first odd until further investigation revealed that Duncan's Grandmother would have been a Turner herself and so the family name from the maternal side was passed on). It is unknown when, where and why Duncan started to use the middle name Joseph.

There are various records of Duncan working as a ship painter and several census records shows his birth in the Govan area and eventually moving to Bridgeton then back to Govan. At some point, either through his job or some other reason, Duncan finds himself living in Belfast where he meets his future wife Catherine McKeown. Duncan and Catherine go on to have four children - Francis, John, James and Catherine.

It would seem that Duncan and Catherine's marriage was not approved of by locals as a result of Duncan being Protestant and Catherine being Catholic. The story goes that in the middle of the night Duncan was visited by both the Protestant and Catholic communities and told to leave Ireland or they would be killed. This led Duncan to take his family and relocate to Scotland.
Although Duncan's grandchildren thought that he had left the family, the truth is that he died in the family home on the 1st of May 1946, 2 days before his 59th birthday. The record of death indicates that Duncan had been a house painter (obviously following on from his younger days as a ship painter), and he died of Lung Cancer.

I will add some more information on other family members if I find out anything interesting. Duncan interested me as he had been given a bit of a bad reputation, but as it turns out it seems he was just a straight forward honest working guy who sadly died too young.

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House for Sale

I wouldn't normally use my blog as a method of advertising, but a very close friend of mine (someone who has helped me out for as long as I can remember) is selling their home in Blackridge, West Lothian.

Check out the artificial lawn in the garden - I helped lay that (your very own chance to own something that jafwords has worked on).

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Happy house hunting my friends


Sin City: A Dame to Kill For - review

The inhabitants of Basin City are back once again with a vengeance!

In 2005 I remember visiting the cinema and being completely blown away by this new style of film which was presented to me in the form of Sin City. Classed as "neo-noir", Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller had pretty much created a new breed of film. The still pages on Frank Miller's graphic novel suddenly found life with some truly brilliant performances from Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis. I am sure there must have been a leap of faith from those actors but it was one worth taking. 

So jump forward to 2014 and we are presented with a second look at this crime filled world. Once again we are delivered several different story lines with subtle and not so subtle overlaps. We are presented with some old characters but with different faces, Josh Brolin takes over the mantle from Clive Owen and there some other new faces introduced with recasts (there are always reasons for these sort of things and in some cases out of the hands of the directors). With the introduction of Eva Green, more fresh blood is injected into the film (Eva does seen to have an inability to remain dressed in this film) but what she does add is a character you just want to hate! Eva manages to take the character of Ava and make her just pure evil. Hats off to Eva Green as she has churned out a brilliant performance here.

Next we have Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Another actor who can seem to do no wrong and taking on the mantle of Johnny he once again shows just how clever and versatile an actor her really is. If you have seen the film you will know what I mean when I say he just brings a bone breaking quality to the role.

Of course there are other roles I could highlight but what about the film itself. Okay, truth be told, this film did not impact me in the same way the first did and there was a full overload of blood and violence. This was the same as its predecessor yet in the first film I felt it was handled with far more "style". This style was in this film but hadn't really matured or grown in seven years. The story was good, but you know it is going to be as its drawn from the wealth of background Frank Miller had already created in his graphic novel series. The acting is brilliant – no one fails in this film and the film has left me with wanting more. So on that aspect it has done the trick – but I do hope the a little more attention is made to the production of the next one (if there is to be a next one).

This film gets a **** rating.

Get out there and watch it!
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**** (Almost awesome but with some flaws)
*** (To be honest it could have been better)
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