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Interstellar (or What?)

I've read several reviews so far and the negativity for this film I think is a bit unfair. My wife and I had our usual trip to the cinema. Thankfully, with film timings not working out for her we were forced to take my choice and head into to watch Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

So the history of this film seems a bit all over the place, initially a Spielberg project I believe with Jonathan Nolan drafted in to write the script and learn some physics on the way. The film was eventually passed to the writer's brother and then we are presented with what I saw on the big screen.

First off there can be no denying what you get with a Nolan film - its Big! Its very big and its just shot perfectly on formats to meet the need of the IMAX cinema.

Let's hit the negatives then - the film does dart about here and there and the sequence of events and the passage of time becomes slightly hard to engage with. Time plays a key role in the story's development, after all travelling out into the final frontier (sorry couldn't resist a Star Trek reference) isn't just a regular walk in the park. It takes months to years to travel these vast distances. There was times though I just didn't now how much time had passed - sometimes that wee bit of text in the corner saying "3 months later" can actually be beneficial.

Okay, I class myself as a scientists, I am a Chemist so I'd like to think I was up to date on some aspects of physics...I enjoyed the science, but at times it goes into a depth that I can imagine a non-scientific audience would be put off by.

I've taken my time thinking about this film, trying decided if it is a cinematic masterpiece or just a flop. I know it sounds like the distinction between the two should be clear but at times I think it can be splitting hairs. No doubt there would be others far more intelligent than myself that can easily make the decision and I think this film will polarise an audience. I know there are those who love it and those who hate it. So where am I? Do I take the side of my electrons and hit a purely negativity in my thinking or am I going with my nucleus on this one and staying positive...

At the end of the day I make the decision based on my final thought - would I go back and see it or buy the DVD. The answer is YES. I am back to see it. The film ideas grow on me and I simply can't ignore that acting. The cast was truly brilliant and the plot, although wavy and distorted works for me. Its kind of like 2001, with a bit more explanation. That's not necessary a bad thing because let's be honest, we all watch 2001 and claim to find it a jaw dropping experience but at the back of our minds we are saying "What the hell is going on here?"

Then the soundtrack...it again is powerful and it also makes the film special. I've always liked Hans Zimmer. You can't watch Pirates of the Caribbean without humming that tune (da... da.... da da da da da) - yeah I know that is just text but I bet you were singing it to the Pirate's theme. You won't leave Interstellar humming a tune, but the score will have played with your emotions all the way through the film.

What I do find sad though is that  I think Nolan will not get the recognition for this one which I think he deserves. People will just judge it on their first sitting, and sometimes true art has to be looked at, studied and absorbed not only through the eyes but through the heart as well. No one really likes Guinness on their first pint but suddenly it creeps up on you and with noticing it, your ordering it at the bar every time.

Yes Interstellar will be an acquired taste, but I promise it will grow on you.

This film gets another one of my **** rating.

It has so much to offer and if you like the films I do, this one will sit nicely in your SciFi collection.
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