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The pleasant distraction

So when I try to sit down and write I find I am totally distracted. However, I couldn't have asked for a more happy way to be distracted. So my daughter is over 6 months old now. While I would love to get just a little more sleep, I couldn't imagine what life would be without her. 

I manage to use my phone, and an app, to continue to work on some scripts. I have completed the second part of my star trek fan fiction comic; so now working on the art work side of things through Pixton.com. I am still working through some scripts relating to short films. My main focus is one called the PG CafĂ©- which, I will tell you more about at another point. 

So, all I can say is, I am massively distracted at the moment but I will get back into my novel writing soon enough...after all I need write books so young Bethany can roll her eyes and say "Dad you are such a loser". Haha. 

Okay, so sorry about my brief updated. Happy readings and enjoy the picture of me and my daughter playing on the floor. 


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A Stitch in Time

A picture from the set of our 48 hour film project. Our film "A stitch in Time" will be part of the Wednesday group Showings at 830pm at the GFT (18th of October).

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Renovonoids (Part 1)

This is the third major comic I have created on "Pixton" since opening my account with them and I am having amazing fun creating some exciting new stories.
Renovonoids is set in the distant future where the many (but not all) of the Earths Nations have formed a worldwide Union. However, the descendants of old military genetic soldiers have formed their own Union and war will soon break out.

Renovoniods follows two League of Nations Police Officers as they begin to investigate a terrorist explosion and an assassination attempt.


April Update - Easter Holidays put to good use.

Welcome to April and Easter is almost upon us.

I've spent the last week putting the finishing touches to a second comic book project called "Elysium Rising". So as it stands now I have created two first issue comics - the first was a Star Trek Fan Fiction and the Second was Elysium Rising. Both stories I will come back to, as issue one for each is intended to be Act 1 of a 3 Act story. I continue to make notes about what I intend to for these, but that will change. 

I have also started to create Issue one for the next comic book which just now has the working title "Renovoniods". Yes its a made up work but there is reason behind it. Its an expansion of the Latin word - renovo...Which means: to revive, renew, restore, repair, repeat. The meaning has some significance to the story which I am developing. The title may chance but the idea of who the Renovoniods are will remain the same. 

Editing the Second novel still continues at a slow, but steady pace and I still have my Star Trek fan fiction burning in the background. Time is going to be limited soon as in 4 months my wife and I will be welcoming a new wee soul into this world (which of course we are incredibly excited about). Maybe I will try my hand and some children's stories. 

Happy reading my friends and click on this link to to have a read at my new comic book "Elysium Rising - Part 1"


My New Comic - Elysium Rising

The first part of my new comic "Elysium Rising" has now been published on Pixton, and once again its all free for your enjoyment. Click in the picture or this LINK and to read it now. Or look to the right hand side of this page and you will see it.

Happy Reading my friends,