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The Wedding Ringer - My Thoughts on the film.

I was wondering if I should just use my website for reviewing Science Fiction and Fantasy film. Since this website is about me and my thoughts then it would seem logical that I review the things I like, and I like comedy. 

We got to Friday night and I really wanted to go to the cinema. I hadn't given much thought to what I wanted to see. I looked through the entire offerings of films and most came across as too serious. I really wasn't interested in something serious, as it had already been a serious week through work – I was ready for some light comic relief.

The Wedding Ringer caught my eye and with Kevin Hart as the onscreen lead then it seemed I would be sure to get some laughs. The only thing that concerned me was the lack of advertising or hype surrounding the film – usually a sign that you are about to watch a dull dud of a film.
Writer and Director Jeremy Garelick seems to be a relatively newcomer to the big screen directorial chair; in fact from what I have read, this is his first full length feature in the pilot seat. So was it a hit or a miss?

Well here is the premise – Man is getting married, man relatively few to no friends but has lied to his future wife about having friends. Man needs best man and groom's men to make up his side of the wedding party – Man hire's Kevin Hart, the professional fake best man – let the hilarity begin.
Now at this juncture you're probably thinking I am going to say "Then it fell flat on its face." However, I am happy to say the film lifted my mood on the Friday. Okay the premise of the story is a bit far-fetched but not so much that it spoils the film. The buddy pairing between Kevin Hart and Josh Gad was also on a decent level. Both actors played well off each other and the typical nonsense that usually comes along with these types of film struck a chord with me and had me laughing for most of the film.

There were few things I would say the film had to do to make it better ALTHOUGH, I can see from the critics that they don't like it. My advice, I shall be buying the DVD, as its worth watching again! Go and see you. You will enjoy it.     

This film gets another one of my **** rating.

Happy watching my friends,


The Jafwords rating system.

***** (Awesome)
**** (Almost awesome but with some flaws)
*** (To be honest it could have been better)
** (Struggling to say good things)
* (Dear director give me my money back)

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