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Lack of Progress?

One of the things I find incredibly frustrating is lack of output from my brain. Well to say I have not been creative is not exactly true. The film making has been very cool and something that I enjoy doing. However, as far is the written word goes I have hit a mental roadblock of sorts.

I am still continuing to edit my second book "Outriders". Its taking a long time but it is still an ongoing project. Writing, well that has become a bit more of a problem. I have become somewhat deskilled in that area and I need more practice.

So, with that in mind I turn back to the things I love. I have started to plot out a Star Trek story. I know that its something that will never get published but that is not the point of it. Using a medium and a universe I love is a way to dive back into the creative process and most importantly, start to learn and better myself again.

We will see where it goes and hopefully get me back to the wordsmith I had been in the past. So be well my friends,

...and happy reading!


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