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Hope for Carrie.

There are so many things in my life which I hold dear. Star Wars is one of those things. I grew up watching Star Wars and it became so important in my life - probably more that I can actually explain. Those involved in making it have become important to me...that is why when I heard the news before going to sleep last night I felt like a close friend was about to be taken from us. So I guess having never seen Carrie Fisher in the flesh makes that feeling a little strange...yet I know so many of you out there will have the same feeling. She was and is our Princess and our new General. 

This year has taken so many great people away from us but it will not take Carrie. There is still Hope! Keep praying, send positive vibes into to universe...whatever is your thing, please do it for Carrie and anyone else who has fallen to illness over this festive period. 

My own thoughts and prayers are with Carrie and her family. I pray for a speedy recovery and long life with good health for her.


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