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Improvements to be made

I really do have to be honest with myself, I lack focus and direction when it comes to my writing.

However, the question should then be asked "is this a good or a bad thing?"

Let me tell you where I am just now. My second novel is still currently sitting with a status of "Currently Editting", which I need to admit is dreadful as its been like that for ages (I promise I will do more today). I am also now into creating my second issue of a comic which has the working title "Gates of Hell". The title works for the moment as it describes what's going on but I suspect I will change (simply becuase I don't like it). I see this comic stretching into 4 issues with around 25 pages in each. Keeping with the comic theme I created the first issue of a comic I called "Elysium Rising". I haven't  returned to this comic yet but I do intend to as I love the idea I created. The plan for this will be a simple three part but we shall see.

Keeping up?

Then novel number 3 has been started with the adventures of Captain Walsh MacKenzie and then finally I have started to jot down some ideas for a fairytale story but it not be aimed at kids.

Do you are my point about focus and attention. So what are the pros and cons?

Cons are obvious. It's taking me an age to complete one thing. Which, in turn, leads to a bit of frustration on my part. The creative journey is extended and along the way you can easily fall into the mode of self doubt -that my friends is hard to shake. Ideas can get mixed and then you can loose track of what you doing

Pros? Yeah there are many. Mack lack of planing allows me to maximise my  creativity. Oh and that mixing up of ideas I mentioned actually works for me, as it allows me to try different things with other stories; which often works. With so many projects on the go I find it helps beat that nasty writers block, and I am loving the fact that my ideas are flowing.

So really I need to meet the compromise and be realistic. My planing and timescale has to be completely abandoned in favour of promoting the inspirational side of writing. Trust me though, I  will get there and have some cool stuff for you to read.

Happy reading my friends.


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