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Ghostbusters - i ain't afraid of no film!.....

Okay people, I need to be honest with you. When I heard this film was in production I was ready to throw my head against the wall. To be honest I am a bit scunnered (there is a good old Scottish term for you), with the whole Hollywood remake. I am sure many of you, like me, want to see originality in films, not the same rehash of old films brought up to scratch with modern CGI for a generation who probably haven't seen the originals.

So I have paid my money, sat in the cinema, put the 3D glasses on and sat patiently waiting for powers of Hollywood executives to destroy a film which as a child I adored.

WELL DONE HOLLYWOOD - you beat me. You took my thoughts and preconceptions and obliterated them in one swoop. After having a conversation with a friend last week which I said "I ain't gonna pay out a fortune for IMAX for that film. The best they will get out of me is my normal cinema price" (remembering of course that I actually pay a year membership to a cinema chain for a year of films).

John why do you say these things when you end up WRONG!!!

This film, put simply, is great. I am no film critic so I won't start to dissect the ins and outs of the film but it just has all you would want. A cracking script which comes from the incredibly talented Katie Dippold and Paul Feig (who also directs). These two are a cracking pair and it shows in what Feig has manged to put together and I always like to give that nod to the creative team (totally respect the actors but the directors vision is always was sells it for me).

The onscreen talent is obvious - the film needed a comedic group with impeccable timing and natural talent. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones provide the requirements in immeasurable quantities. The dynamic between the quartet is amazing and very reminiscent of the original film which made that great. So much of what we were seeing felt like the actors where bringing to life these characters using themselves as templates. They were partly just being themselves (and since they are naturally funny and great) it made their characters spring to life in a very cool and clever way.

There isn't much I could fault this film on and would happy jump back into the cinema to see it again. It will be a definite DVD purchase when its released. So hopefully the sequel is in development now. Well done to everyone involved in making this film. I loved the original and I loved this!

So its rating time. *****, there you have it. It’s a must see film. You must see this one.

The Jafwords rating system.
***** (Awesome)
**** (Almost awesome but with some flaws)
*** (To be honest it could have been better)
** (Struggling to say good things)
* (Dear director give me my money back)

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